An Update on Brandon

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An Update on Brandon


Brandon first came to our meals with a cheap bottle of gin in his pocket. He came because he had met one of Grace and Main’s leaders on the Northside of Danville and they had had a conversation with him and invited him to that night’s open, community meal. He came because he was curious, but he didn’t expect to like it. He came back because, in his own words: “There was a special kind of love in that place, around those tables, and I knew I needed more of it.”

Weeks later, it was Brandon who began setting up tables and chairs on his own initiative, feeling a desire and calling to do something to express his gratitude to the community that had taken him in as one of their own. Weeks after that, it was Brandon who helped young Eric finish his chicken and broccoli so they could share a couple slices of pie (read that storyhere). The day after that, it was Brandon who tearfully told us, “I need to get help. I need to get clean.” A month later, it was Brandon who blew out the candles on a cake celebrating a month of freedom from addiction.

This would be a wonderful story if it ended there, but God has so much more planned for Brandon. Brandon began coming not only to our meals, but also our Bible studies and our services of worship and prayer. After months of sobriety and several events where he demonstrated his leadership in our midst, we were able to convince him to join our leadership meetings and help plot the course of Grace and Main Fellowship. He took a big leadership position in last year’s Downtown Jubilee (read about that here) and in our involvement this summer with Passport Campers in Green St. park (read about that here). He even became one of our “rovers,” or leaders in Grace and Main’s “Roving Feast” that goes out several times a week to carry meals into forgotten places to build and develop relationships (read about that here).

So, Brandon went out to spread the Gospel and the Kingdom alongside some of the Rovers who first invited him to eat with us months before.

Brandon has been sober for over a year now and is one of our strongest and most reliable leaders. He has reliable shelter nowadays and a part-time job at a local business, whose president describes him as “one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met—a real blessing.” He could have a full-time job, but he has repeatedly insisted that he wants to have enough time to serve alongside Grace and Main by roving, by volunteering, and by using his years of carpentry experience to provide home repairs and labor free of charge to those who cannot otherwise afford it.

Brandon is a changed man because of his involvement with Grace and Main, but it’s equally important to recognize that Grace and Main is a changed organization because of Brandon being one of us. Danville, and the world, is better off because of Brandon and his sacrificial and loving service to our crucified and risen Lord.

There is room in this beautiful story for you, as well. Grace and Main has recognized Brandon’s calling as a missionary to North Danville—the very place where he found us and where he still lives and serves. So, Third Chance Ministries, the organization that supports Joshua as a full-time missionary in Southside Virginia is raising support to employ Brandon as an official Missionary to North Danville. Your financial support to Third Chance Ministries will make it possible to support the ministry that Brandon is already doing and aid him in providing support to those in most desperate and profound need in our midst. Any financial support you can provide will go a long way toward helping Brandon take that next important step as a missionary and servant of our Lord.

If you have any questions, or you would like to make a donation, please contact Joshua at or (919) 358-2131. Thank you for your prayerful support and consideration of financial support.

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